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yep, i'm still alive. haven't checked this for a long time cuz i've been caught up in the evils of myspace. i don't even know if anyone checks my shit out here anymore, but i just thought i'd say hi anyway. i'm currently staying in morton. working on a plan to move back out to portland to finish the degree i started out there. it's just an AA with no specific area of study. it's complicated, but i can really only complete it there. maybe it will be better this time and i'll stay for a bit, or maybe not. either way, i'm up for any change. i was working at GameStop for the past 10 months, but i got sick and was unable to come in for like a month, and now they can't fire me but also don't give me any hours. it's really a load of bullshit. also, my ferret Oni died. i was very depressed over this, and still am, but it's starting to hurt less. so now i've lost my baby Oni and my job for the most part so i really don't have any reason to stay around here. i don't know. we'll see. later.
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